Friday, March 6, 2015

We're getting too good at this

This morning we were at the shelter at 8:30.  The rules of this shelter are that everyone must be up and out of the dorms by 8:00am. Those women who have nowhere else to go can stay in the day room. The day room is pretty stark. A few tables and stackable chairs, a case worker at a desk to offer assistance and a radio playing jazz music are all that are there. 

We arrived and were put to work painting the toilet facilities at the day room. I was asked why everyone wanted us to paint. I had to think about it but the answer was pretty obvious- the biggest cost in painting is the labour and in the case of painting cinder block bathrooms it's labour that doesn't have to be very skilled. For the church or the school or the shelter our painting was the biggest cost savings that our volunteering could provide. 

We're back at the rectory for a lunch of PB&J (the Lenten standby). A game of cards on the dinning room table while we wait for the afternoon assignment. 

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