Thursday, March 5, 2015

Out of the cars and right to work

We traveled from Chicago to Dayton today. We had an early start and everyone ate their lunch in the car so we could arrive on time for our afternoon service project at the St Vincent de Paul homeless shelter. 

This was the largest shelter I have ever seen. They serve 1,000 meals a day and house over 90 women plus children and men with families. They have a separate facility for single men elsewhere. 

We arrived and got right to work painting the men's toilet and shower room.

Many hands make light work and many practiced hands make quality work. Our crew were well trained in Chicago so when the maintenance man asked if we could paint he was surprised that we jumped to it and finished the job in no time. 

One enterprising student who forgot to change shoes didn't want to be left out and found a creative use for painters tape. 

Fr. Francis Tandoh and Miss Cynthia, the parish council president, came and spoke to the students this evening. They gave a very clear picture of the challenges facing the parish and the community and spoke about the parish commitment to education. 

We are all settled in to Fr. Francis' house and after pizza for dinner we are turning in for the night. 

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