Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Kenwood United Church of Christ Soup Kitchen Experience

Greetings from Marianne and Andrea! We started the day with volunteering at the soup kitchen down the street this Tuesday morning. While the weather was gloomy, we were optimistic to jump into a new experience. Three of us, Marianne, Darren, and Minha, helped cutting peppers. Two of us, Matt and Kelsey, helped cutting apples. And two others, Andrea and Elyse, helped prepare breakfast and lunch in the kitchen. For breakfast, we made rice, hot dogs, and white bread with hot tea. For lunch, we made pasta, bread, carrots, salad, fruit, and desserts. After the meals were prepared, we helped serve the food to the members of the community and some of us were able to interact with them. They were very grateful and pleased with our generosity and willingness to help during our Spring break. We also got to see their beautiful 130 year old church. We were in awe with the sense of community that this area has and we're grateful for this opportunity and experience.

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