Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Dinner with Liz and Beverly

Lake Point Tower is a wonderfully iconic Chicago building capturing the city's love with curved walls in architecture and political intrigue.  It is the only building east of Lake Shore Drive and commands great views of the city and the lake.  Liz Richards, a Duquesne Alumna and her friend and fellow almna Beverly, welcomed us to Liz's apartment at Lake Point Tower for dinner tonight. 

As we walked in all eyes and cameras were drawn to the wall of windows.  After gawking like country bumpkins we settled in to a fine meal and conversation withour hosts.  Bev told us stories of her time in Duquesne and her life in Chicago and France.  Liz was full of stories of "old Duquesne" and had the girls laughing at the rule that stated coeds were not allowed in the dinning hall in trousers.  Liz got a kick out of hearing that some students now come down in slippers and pajama pants.

Tomorrow we're off to Dayton.  After reflection everybody packed their lunch for tomorrow.

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