Sunday, March 8, 2015

Back home to Duquesne

St. Benedict the Moor Church in Dayton

Two windows from St. Benedict the Moor's Stations of the Cross

Oh the joys of youth!  Some of our students were awake last night to see their phones switch from 1:59 to 3am at day light savings time.  The were up playing Mafia, a roll playing and story telling game that is now a staple of Cross Cultural Mission trips.

We were up and out of Fr. Francis' house by 10:30am and over to St. Benedict the Moor for the Gospel mass at 11:00am. The choir was outstanding as today they were missing their keyboard player and sang a cappella.  Fr. Bill was the celebrant and Fr. Francis the homilist.

After mass it was into cars and away to Pittsburgh. And now we are home.  Tired but thankful for such a wonderful week.

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