Monday, March 2, 2015

Late start but a strong finish

Monday arrived and we didn't get off to the best of starts.  Nothing terrible or anything like that, just a slow start waiting for the supplies we needed and the people we needed to get going.  But, once we got going we really moved.  Seven students went to the Kenwood Community Church were there is a soup kitchen and helped out there for the morning.  The food bank dropped off a large load of green peppers and the kitchen put our folks to work chop, chop chopping peppers for hours.  Produce arrives thought the donation system in the city but then the kitchen needs to process the produce so it doesn't take up so much room and freeze it for future use.  Providentially the peppers and the people showed up at the same time.  The students also served the lunch at the kitchen for the guests and took some time to chat with them.

The rest of the crew got to painting.  Two bed rooms on the third floor got unloaded, rubbed down and taped, primed and double coated and the furniture moved back in on one short day.  Fr. Chris was delighted to get his sitting room redone.  I'm not sure what the paint was called when it was for sale in the hardware shop all those many years ago but the effect was of a pinkish brown.  Not that bright and sunny.  So an off white/cream is a happier choice now.

After kitchen duty and painting the students went out to see the neighborhood of Hyde Park and the University of Chicago.  Dinner was a big spaghetti dinner and Ed possibly ate his own weight in pasta.  After the meal nine people grabbed Uber/Lift rides of a comedy show while the rest played games around the dinning room table.

Tonight's game was a combination of Pictionary and Telephone.  Each player wrote a phase on the paper and passed it left.  The person receiving the paper would read the phrase and then fold the paper to hide the words.  Then they would draw a picture clue to describe the phrase and pass it again to the left.  The next person would look only at the picture and guess the phrase and continue to pass the paper until it arrived full circle.  The results were pretty funny.

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