Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday morning

The group reported that they slept well even though it was sleeping bags on the floor. Most people were just exhausted; not so much from the drive from Pittsburgh but from school and especially midterm exams. 

Breakfast was cinnamon buns and grits with yogurt and fruit. For some it was their first time trying grits and although there were no immediate professions of undying love for the south's staple food there were a lot of empty bowls. 

St. Ambrose parish welcomed us into their community for mass at 10:30. The choir was great and we had a wonderful gospel mass complete with extended homily and extended sign of peace. 

All hands pitched in getting lunch together before heading into the "loop" to see the Millennium Park. The Cloud Gate sculpture (better known as the Bean) was the first stop before folks split up to explore. 

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